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ppthtml help needed

hello all

almost everyday, i get ppt presentations. i had been using wine to look
at these presentations with the help of powerpoit viewer.

then i spotted a program ppthtml. it says that nspptview and nspptopen
use this program as a backend.

i did find / -name nsppt* which found nothing. could someone point me in
the right direction for these two?

by the way, i do not have nor do i intend to have netscape installed on
my computer. i have installed mozilla though.


sandip p deshmukh

	"What are you watching?"
	"I don't know."
	"Well, what's happening?"
	"I'm not sure...  I think the guy in the hat did something terrible."
	"Why are you watching it?"
	"You're so analytical.  Sometimes you just have to let art flow
over you."
		-- The Big Chill

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