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Wireless Network Setup Problem

I attached an Actiontec USB 1.1 wireless adapter to my pc and, on bootup, to Woody with kernel 2.4.18 the device is recognized with much detail in dmesg. After reading the ifconfig and interfaces man pages I was not sure how to proceed. Apt-cache search network lead me to wireless-tools which I installed but could not find a man page and dpkg -p wireless-tools gives no clue as to how to use them.

Reluctantly, I booted to Windows and ran the installation disk. With the entry of the SSID connection to the router was successful. I turned the transmiter off (led switches from steady to flashing) and rebooted to debian and began checking out the files in /proc/net. At some point I switched the transmiter back on (led steady on) so my only problem may be how to set the SSID.
An elementary problem I'm sure but I would appreciate any guidance.

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