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Re: sawfish makes itself x-window-manager

Erik Steffl wrote:

>   looks like a bug in update-alternatives (dpkg), right? Is there any 
> way to verify what happened? I mean is there any history of changes or 
> something that I can check AFTER the fact (obviously, I cannot check 
> before since I don't know it's goingto happen, and even if I knew 
> there's nothing really to check).
>   did anybody else noticed the same problem?

Yes. Every time the X packages are updated in Sid, x-window-manager gets
set to fluxbox (which is installed, but not what I want the default to
be), and x-terminal-emulator gets set to gnome-terminal (also not what I
want by default). I run "update-alternatives --config" to change them to
the defaults I want, and the next time X is updated, the same thing
happens again. It's kind of annoying.

Bug #164214, in its second message, describes this problem, and in its
third message, has a proposed patch for update-alternatives that is
claimed to be a fix for it. Whether it is a valid fix or not, I do not
know, though it looks reasonable at first glance. Since this proposed
patch is nearly two months old already, it's probably not safe to assume
that a fixed package is imminent. The dpkg team seems to have a lot
going on currently, to judge from a few messages I've seen on
debian-devel over the last few months.


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