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Re: How to enable DMA at boot time

At 09:25 PM 12/01/02 -0800, Marc Wilson wrote:
>> > I've used the -k "keep" switch do htparm to remember DMA settings. 
>> I've tried that but the settings don't survive a reboot.
>Uh, they're not supposed to.  That flag is "keep_over_reset", which means
>that if the kernel has to reset the drive for some reason, that the setting
>should stick.

Thanks.  I just tested on my laptop and it doesn't keep over reboot indeed.
 My error was I just installed a new machine where DMA was off on boot and
I used -k1 -d1 and that fixed it.  Well, that I built a new kernel about
that time might have made the difference too!

moseley@laptop:~$ fgrep DMA /boot/config-2.4.18-xfs-laptop 

is what I see in my laptop config.

Thanks for the correction!

Bill Moseley

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