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RE: IMAP & SMTP services

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> Sent: Sunday, 24 November 2002 6:34 AM
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> Subject: Re: IMAP & SMTP services
> andrew@cpplating.com.au said:
> > 1.  Which packages do I need to install to get a ssl encrypted
> IMAP server
> > running?
> install courier-imap-ssl.

O.K.  Done.  Now how do I get it to work?  Am I too naive to assume that I
should just point my client at my.server.com:993.  No go.  Will Exim deliver
to a folder that Courier IMAP can collect it?

What is the go with the certificate?

This is something I have no idea about, and the documentation is very
difficult for me to understand.

Is there a Debian Howto as opposed to the generic Linux docs?



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