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Now that I am up (help now please)

   Weekend spent messing with dselect and aptitude.  I now have a
usable-but-not-quit-comfortable system going.

   Some queries:

	1. I keep getting a 'fake start-stop daemon' error when I try to shut
down (init 0 from root).  It keeps scrolling across the screen and I
have to shut off manually--which forces fsck the next boot-up (long time
on a 60 G drive!).  How can I fix?

	2.  Can't get wvdial to connect under user--have to use root.  I've
tried to chmod stuff, but I must be missing something because I keep
getting an error 2 from pppd.  Fix?

	3.  What script/file can I create in my user directory so I can control
what window manager I am running? (gnome, kde, icewm).  Currently, I
have to run g/k/x(dm) from root.

	Thank you for your patience...

	BTW--I love aptitude, once I figured out how to use it! 
dpkg-reconfigure, though, is giving me problems; it either won't run or
give me a 'laptop fan' error (BTW, I'm not on a laptop!).

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