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Re: Mutt and multiple identities


* Matthew Daubenspeck <matt@oddprocess.org> [02-12-01 20:57]:
>folder-hook .                   source ~/.muttrc
>folder-hook =INBOX.NWLSD        source ~/.mutt/nwlsd_muttrc
>For testing purposes, the NWLSD setup has a different set of headers
>and a different signature. This seems to work when I switch to the
>NWLSD folder.
>However, if I switch back to INBOX (or any other folder), it still
>seems to use the NWLSD settings. If I don't switch to the NWLSD
>folder, all the settings are as they should be until I switch. Any
>ideas what I am doing incorrectly?

Maybe you don't set the settings back? You have to set them back
individually, not by file.

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