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Re: cfdisk revisited

On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 07:55:31PM +0100, Michael Naumann wrote:
| 01.12.2002 18:07:53, "Derrick 'dman' Hudson" <dman@dman.ddts.net> wrote:
| > The linux booters (lilo, grub, syslinux, etc.) don't care about that
| > flag.  It is MS-DOS and MS Windows that cares.  Its possible that it
| > only cares if you use an MS boot loader, it may not matter when you
| > chainload the windows boot loader.  OTOH it may be that windows needs
| > the windows partition to be "bootable".
| Is this so?

I think.
Let's see
    # cfdisk /dev/hda
I have no "bootable" partitions on this system.  The partitions are /,
/home and swap.  grub is on the MBR.

The router machine I have has / and swap, grub on the MBR.  / is
marked bootable on it.  I just unflagged it, but with 59 days of
uptime and no floppy or cd drive I'm not rebooting it yet :-).

I don't have convenient access to the laptop from work right now
(which dual-boots win2k and debian) otherwise I'd check its state.

| I thought, that if for example I install LILO in /dev/hda3 (instead of
| in the mbr), this partition has to be bootable too.
| OK, this does not mean, that lilo cares about it, but a relation
| between the two is still there, even without M$
| But after all, I may be totally wrong here since I use mbr.

I don't use the 'mbr' loader.  It's possible that it cares.  You could
find out :-).  Have a rescue or installer disk handy first in case I'm


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