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Re: gtk2 very slow and memory hungry?

On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 02:06:38AM -0500, Chun Kit Edwin Lau wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am not sure what problem is it?  But since I upgrade to gnome2, things
> are just very slow.  Startup time for gnome-terminal (gtk2), gvim (gtk1)
> and galeon (gtk1) are much longer then it used to be.   gnome-terminal
> in gtk1 use to take 1s, but now the machine freezes up for like 3s on my
> pentium III 500MHz.  Same thing happen for the other gtk app.  Any idea?
> Something wrong with the mixing of library?
> Also, when I check the memory usage of each application by system
> moniter in gnome2, I am supprise because X is using 91M, gnome-terminal
> is using 11.4M, gnomicu is using 10.3M, gweather is using 8.9M.  And
> most of the gnome app is using at least 5M.  Isn't this ridiculous?  I
> am sure gweather cannot use that much memory.  X is using too much
> memory too, right?  Anyone knows what's happening to my system?  Memory
> leaks?  BTW, I have 512MB RAM.

I don't know for the other apps, but X is counting your framebuffer
memory at least once in the 91M it uses.


Sven Luther

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