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Re: your mail


* John Foster <jfoster@augustmail.com> [02-12-01 05:17]:
>Thorsten Haude wrote:
>>* Gregg & Monica <glangefeld@cox.net> [02-11-30 17:56]:
>>>I need to know if my computer can support debian....and I need to knwo if 
>>>it will support the gui...here are my computers info...
>>>[Information about system]
>>There is no way somebody can garuantee that Debian will work. Just get
>>it and try to install it, it's cheap.
>Newer is not always better. I would advise trying a version of Debian 
>like potato or possibly older which was developed for the age of machine 
>you have and will more likely run on it. You will still be VERY pleased 
>with the results. Also just do a very basic install and pick your 
>applications very carefully as you will not have a great deal of space 
>to work with.

That may make sensse from a technical point of view, but I doubt that
most people used to windows would like Potato better than Woody.
Chances are good that Woody will work, so it's worth a try.

Oh, and there is no reason to send me the same mail twice; I'm not
even the guy doing the install.

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