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Re: [OT] Love you guys - It's Alive

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 05:23:35PM -0800, deFreese, Barry wrote:
> It's up and running.  Just trying to figure out what minimalist window
> manager to use and I'm off and running.  I have twm on at the moment and
> gotta say it's a little too minimalist.

I like WindowMaker a lot, but it might be slightly less minimalist than
what you need; reportedly it needs less resources than E, and way less
than GNOME or KDE. Among the minimalist WMs, my favorite is PWM. PWM is
the windowmanager that fluxbox got its tab feature from, and it is also
the code that the ION window manager (which is a bit too radical for my
tastes) is based on too. PWM has very nice window frames, and an
interesting approach to minimizing. (Minimizing is shading, except the
shade is a small tab that's easy to work around or move rather than a
big top-window bar.)

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