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difficulties installing on a Compaq Presario 1020

I'm having a few problems installing Debian on an older Compaq Presario 1020 
P120 with 48MB RAM.  (Yes I just read the thread on Compaqs - I agree that 
after I get everything working it'll probably be great)

1) The worst one is that after apm -s, apm -S, or alt-F3 the system acts all 
weird after waking up again.  The clock slows down to about half-speed and in 
X11 (icewm or blackbox) the screen keeps on blanking, until I reboot.  

-Doesn't matter whether I suspend in console or X mode.
-Console mode seems to work find after suspend, although I haven't checked if 
the clock slows down there too.
-stopping and starter x server doesn't help.

I'm using a custom kernel with apm loaded as a module but all the other APM 
options off.  My first custom kernel had most of them on but I recompiled 
with them off to try and solve the problem.  Should I give up and go to a 
linux software-suspend?

2) How can I make it stop beeping every time I hit tab to auto-complete when 
there is more than one possibility, and when I hit backspace at the beginning 
of a line?  Other than turning the volume all the way down.  Happens in 
console and X.  esound daemon is now uninstalled.

3) When I open up an xterm from the icewm toolbar, it doesn't read my .bashrc 
file.  I have to type source .bashrc to get it to read it.  The command the 
toolbar runs has the -ls option in it, which should be saying it's a login 
shell no?  (OK, not Compaq's fault!)

Other than that, and the modem which pppconfig can't find and I suspect may 
be a Winmodem (but it doesn't say in the owner's manual!), and the extra 
multimedia keys which xev doesn't think exist, it's running great.  Emacs and 
Gnumeric run quite quickly.

Thanks for any help,

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