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Re: [OT] CD-R Requirements (or Giving Back To Windows Users)

* Levi Waldron (levi.waldron@utoronto.ca) [021118 15:44]:
> On November 17, 2002 08:22 pm, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > >?How do I watch the fifo?
> > >?
> > >?The new IDE CD-R has "BurnProof" so I think that will indeed help.
> >
> > Also use nice to lower nice of cdrecord (higher priority)
> >
> > ?$ nice --9 cdrecord ....
> A testimony:
> I have a K6-2/500MHz 256MB, 32x cdrw with burnproof.  I've burnt data CDs 
> with nice -18, and have opened browsers, kmail, and run md5sums in the cdrom 
> simultaneously.  Often have had fifo min fill 0%, but no problems with the 
> disc - md5sums still check out.  

This is exactly what burnproof does.  You can load the machine; you can
deplete the buffer.  Rather than spewing the contents of the empty
buffer to the disc (creating a coaster), it suspends the write and
resumes when the buffer fills some more.  With it, you can even run your
burn jobs at _lower_ priority (in case you need those cycles for
something else) and it'll be fine.  Levi's is a fine example of a slow
(by today's standards) machine able to produce good burns while loaded
thanks to burnproof.  I think the OP should have no worries about what
special considerations should be made for the machine beyond enabling

good times,
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