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Re: [OT] CD-R Requirements (or Giving Back To Windows Users)

At 04:33 PM 11/17/02 -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:
>I think Clemens said something to the effect that there is nothing
>more annoying than the presence of an example.  Your best bet would be
>to load up this old box (actually pretty nice hardware!) you have and
>burn a CD while doing "other tasks" and watch the fifo while you are
>doing that.  As long as the fifo does not drop below a comfortable
>margin for safety you should be fine.

How do I watch the fifo?

The new IDE CD-R has "BurnProof" so I think that will indeed help.

>Let me recommend something different.  Buy a dedicated firewall from
>Linksys or D-link or Netgear or any of the other consumer products
>network firewalls that exist.

I did think about that, and that's a good idea.  Truth be told, I'm about
to redo my own home machines on the public IP side of the lan so I'm
looking at this as a nice warm up...  And "down-grading" the machine to be
behind a commercial firewall (instead of THE firewall) would not be hard.

>Then use your PIII-450 as your CD writer with a full X11 desktop
>installation.  Load the box up with all of the fun toys that you can
>and let the reliable operation of it convince people that this was the
>right system to put in place there.

That's Phase-II of this project... ;)  I think it would be good for him to
see that to burn his CD he can just move files via samba to the Linux
machine and run a single command or shell script.  No real need for the
GUI.  (Although I do like X-CD-Roast).  And for a desktop it will be hard
for this PIII-450 to compare with his new P4 2.0G XP desktop.

He also has really good beer.  So I want to make sure he will need help often.

Thanks very much for your (and everyone else's comments)!

I'll be back at debian-user tomorrow with specific setup questions, without
doubt.  I'm sure I'll be asking about pppoe -- I've never set it up as I
have static IPs, but I'll want to review the config so when I take the box
to his place I'm not fumbling trying to get it to connect.  Reviewing
things today has given me HOWTO overload.  I sure wish every HOWTO included
a last modified date!


Bill Moseley

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