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Re: sqwebmail -- now what?

will trillich <will@serensoft.com> wrote:
> so i need to get an imap server up and running*, and... then
> what? how do i get sqwebmail to display my incoming email
> online?
> with acmemail i browse to server/cgi-bin/acme/acmemail.cgi and
> there i get a log in form via cgi scripts served up by apache.
> what's the incantation for sqwebmail? (and the documentation
> that explains it?)
> *which will be a whole new story, i'm sure... :(


You can rest easy as sqwebmail doesn't actually require a working imap
installation, it works directly with the user's Maildir. (Although it uses a
slightly modified courier Maildir format instead of djb's standard Maildir).
You will need to have configured your MTA to deliver to Maildirs instead of
mboxes.  You can generate the initial Maildir with /usr/bin/maildirmake (or
maildirmake.courier). Just to check I turned off my imap server, and it
worked fine :)

For me, sqwebmail was placed straight away into /usr/lib/cgi-bin/sqwebmail.
I had a look in /var/lib/dpkg/info/sqwebmail.postinst, and it appears that
the file is only copied to the cgi-bin directory if you choose yes to the
setuid function. (As someone else mentioned already I think).

Here's the fragment from the file:

        db_get sqwebmail/install-suid
        if [ "$RET" = "true" ]; then
                cp -p /usr/lib/courier/courier/webmail/webmail
                chmod 4555 /usr/lib/cgi-bin/sqwebmail
                chmod 4555

So, looks to me like your executable is hiding in
/usr/lib/courier/courier/webmail/webmail  :) Perhaps it will be easiest to
just do a dpkg-reconfigure.


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