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Re: sqwebmail -- now what?

This one time, at band camp, will trillich said:
> > okay, i've got sqwebmail installed:
> > 
> > 	# apt-get install sqwebmail
> > 
> > and i ran through the /usr/share/doc/sqwebmail info...
> > 
> > so where do i look to find out how to get it to be my webmail
> > (html) imap/pop3 interface?
> > 
> > always a newbie (but sometimes more than others),
> so maybe i need to install an imap server to get SQWebMail going
> as well? or not? there are 'security issues' documents and
> 'calendaring' docs, but where's the more elemental 'how to get
> it going in the first place' docs?

sqwebmail is part of the courier source - I found it very easy to set up
when I ran it alongside the courier POP/IMAP servers.  Note that for
courier to be happy, you have to have exim deliver to ~/Maildir/
(Maildir format in $HOME).  Also, there is an obnoxious question at
install time (do you want to run this SUID? or somesuch) - should
actually note that if you don't want to, sqwebmail will not run on a
stock install.
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