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Re: apache and php

    "Jeremy" == Jeremy Turner <jeremy.turner@oc.edu> writes:

    Jeremy> On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 08:40, Shyamal Prasad wrote:
    >> "Chris" == Chris Lale <ctlale@coolscience.co.uk> writes:
    Chris> I did get an alert during installation: [alert] apache:
    Chris> Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain
    Chris> name, using for ServerName.
    >>  I can't help with your PHP problem, but you really need to fix
    >> this if you ever browse your apache served pages from another
    >> place. Your best bet is to edit the config file and set
    >> ServerName to the IP address of the system. Otherwise redirects
    >> fail and things can be quite bizzare. This might even be the
    >> source of your PHP problem, but it might not (never used PHP).

    Jeremy> I would actually edit your /etc/hosts file to change the
    Jeremy> servername.  The line should say something like:

    Jeremy> athlon athlon.fully_qualified_domain_name

    Jeremy> and replace the fully_qualified_domain_name with your
    Jeremy> name.

Hmmm....I'm not sure that would work for Apache (but then I have not
tried it).

On a standalone system the place to put a FQDN is usually in
/etc/hostname I believe. Apache probably uses this value to determine
a FQDN. 

I'm personally a little confused by how this works out in general, so
comments are welcome. Maybe I'm just flaunting my ignorance ;-)


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