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amavis install w/ exim

I've apt-get install(ed) amavis-exim and have edited /etc/amavisd.conf
to point towards /usr/bin/clamscan (clamscan works fine in testing).

Per the instructions in the /usr/share/doc/amavis-exim/README.exim, it
says to modify /etc/exim/exim.conf as follows ...

The default input configuration needs to be changed to:

# Tell Exim to accept SMTP also (besides the usual port 25) on the
# loopback interface (localhost) on port 10025, which is where
# the checked messaged come from amavisd back to Exim
# (amavisd.conf: $relayhost = ""; $relayhost_port = "10025")

local_interfaces = :

So I do this.  But then, when I check /var/log/exim/paniclog, I see ...

2002-11-17 11:53:01 Malformed IP address "" in local_interfaces

How should this statement be structured?  

I haven't found really good docs yet on configuring amavis with exim.
There are a few out there, but either they're dated or they don't go
into detail.  Even amavis.org seems skimpy on details for exim.  Anyone
have any other doc sources to recommend?


Kevin Coyner
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