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Re: amavis install w/ exim

Kevin Coyner <kevin@rustybear.com> writes:

> I've apt-get install(ed) amavis-exim and have edited /etc/amavisd.conf
> to point towards /usr/bin/clamscan (clamscan works fine in testing).
> Per the instructions in the /usr/share/doc/amavis-exim/README.exim, it
> says to modify /etc/exim/exim.conf as follows ...
> -----------
> The default input configuration needs to be changed to:
> # Tell Exim to accept SMTP also (besides the usual port 25) on the
> # loopback interface (localhost) on port 10025, which is where
> # the checked messaged come from amavisd back to Exim
> # (amavisd.conf: $relayhost = ""; $relayhost_port = "10025")
> local_interfaces = :
> -----------

I think this instruction are only valid for Exim4. For Exim3 use

I also found that amavis-ng works better. You have to adjust paths and
permissions to make it work. 


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