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Re: Version to use?

On Sun, Nov 17, 2002 at 09:34:32AM -0800, John Floren wrote:
> I am looking at installing Debian on my old 33Mhz 486 w/ 16MB of RAM,
> and I am wondering which release to use.  I want one that is featureful
> but won't be too slow on my machine.  I plan on downloading CD images on
> another computer then installing them on the old computer.  Any tips
> would be great.

I used to use woody on my 486 before I donated it to a local school.
It works fine, although installing packages takes forever.  Make sure
that you know what you want to use this machine for first before
installing, so that you don't have to fool around installing packages
after the initial install.  (After the initial install, everything
ran smoothly, except for X, but who uses X on a 486 except as an X
terminal?)  If you have a faster system, I suggest that you slim down
the kernel as well by compiling a new kernel on the newer systems.
Many options in the default kernel really don't help you, so save the
memory.  Loadable kernel modules are a godsend on memory-strapped

Happy to help,

Edward Guldemond

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