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Re: Root can't login (but can in single user mode)

>> I run debian woody on a number of machines, but on one of them I can't
>> login as root. Only if I reboot in single user mode, everything is fine.

> Did this start after a crash? A similar thing happened to me a while back,
> my machine crashed and then no user could login except root in single user.
> I sniffed a pam problem and, sure enough, my /etc/pam.d directory was gone.
> I just restored it from backup, and all was right again.

No not as far as I can remember. Besides, the /etc/pam.d directory seems
to be OK.
Maybe I should add that normal users can login on console, and via e.g.
kdm. So it looks like there is some additional authentication required
after going to multiuser mode, that only affects root logins.

Is there anyone that can give me a hint on where to look?


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