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Re: encrypting a single file

On November 10, 2002 12:08 am, Rob Weir wrote:
> Ok, final instructions that work this time:
> apt-get install crypt++el mailcrypt gnupg
> Add this line to your ~/.emacs:
> (setq crypt-encryption-type 'gpg)
> Recompile your .emacs if you're using byte-compilation.  Restart emacs.

Thanks Rob!  This worked, with some slight modifications for xemacs21:

apt-get install crypt++el gnupg   (no mailcrypt because this is a module for 
xemacs21, the package mailcrypt requires emacs20)

Add the mailcrypt package through the tools -> packages menu.

Add this line to your .xemacs/custom.el:
(setq crypt-encryption-type 'gpg)

Type this command, whatever it does (I'm not actually sure if this was 
M-x crypt-rebuild-tables

Exit and restart xemacs.


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