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Re: encrypting a single file

Christian Jaeger, 2002-Nov-10 01:11 +0100:
> Additionally, you need to set the encryption type, i.e. with:
> M-x set-variable RET crypt-encryption-type RET
> (C-h will show you help at this point)
> "gpg" RET
> then:
> M-x crypt-rebuild-tables
> Well, but I then get "Wrong type argument: stringp, nil". Don't have 
> the time to investigate further now.
> chj

Ahah!  That was it.  Although, for the crypt-encryption-type I had to
enter "gpg" without the quotes for it to work.

However, I'm having trouble putting the right settings in my ~/.emacs
file for this to be set when emacs21 loads.  Any suggestions?


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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