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Re: RFC: Caps Lock


* Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> [02-11-10 21:04]:
>Thorsten Haude <debian@thorstenhau.de> [2002-11-10 19:42:10 +0100]:
>> >> So what are your thoughts about this? Is there another good use I
>> >> could put caps lock to? Experiences?
>Out of the box a fresh install with X will give you the option to
>customize the keyboard and make it into nothing or another control
>key.  I believe package you could dpkg-reconfigure in order to see
>that dialog is xserver-xfree86.

That would be a way to do it. I found another one that builds an
xmodmap file by hand which I wanted to use. However, there are so many
options that I wanted to ask you about best practises.

The actual situation is a new notebook which has my first keyboard
with OS keys and without umlauts. So I have to modify things anyway.

>I turn the right control into caps lock so that I could still use it
>for those once in a lifetime times.

I plan to put that on Shift+CapsLock.

>These are all just my preferences.

That's exactly what I am asking for.

Gee, I wish we had one of them doomsday machines.
    - General "Buck" Turgidson

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