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Re: multi-TB diskarrays ???

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 06:47:50PM -0600, Michael D. Schleif wrote:
> "Michael D. Schleif" wrote:
> > 
> > Having never done this with linux, I'm asking this at the lowest
> > possible level to facilitate very exhaustive research:
> > 
> > What do I need to know to design a debian fileserver attached to a 4-5TB
> > diskarray?
> Yes, I am vague with this request.
> Fortunately, we are in a position to specify a very large ``fileserver''
> for storing a large and growing quantity of image files.
> Since we are in position to specify this beast, I do not want to taint
> alternatives with any predisposition.  My first vision is of a large and
> complex nfs server, filesystems of which are to be mounted by several
> medical imaging systems spread over a small campus of buildings
> connected by GB fiber.  This is not carved in stone; but, delivers a
> glimpse of our task at hand.
> Basically, I need to do considerable research regarding maximum
> filesize, maximum volume size, &c.  Pointers to these issues are
> welcome.

I haven't seen anyone answer this yet ... here's the result of some
fast googling:



Hope this helps ...

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