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Re: mutt configuration

Stephen Gran <steve@lobefin.net> [2002-11-07 10:42:08 -0500]:
> That's exim putting it in - your local account is sandip, and you've
> told exim that the hostname is escortsmumbai.com, so it puts your user
> name in front of the hostname on messages, and sends it off that way.

I am a postfix user and not an exim user but I believe exim can easily
be configured to masquerade users and to automatically translate this
name on the fly.  Ask the question as to how to make exim do this and
the many helpful exim users on the list will volunteer the answer.

> The From: (with the colon) is the only thing most people see, so I
> wouldn't be too worried about it.  The only way I can think of changing
> it would be to change accounts to deshmukh.  IIRC, exim needs that
> information, so that if you get a bounce, it can redirect to the right
> local account.

Alternatively you can set the Reply-To: field to tell mailers that
the address you want for personal replies is different that what the
system has deduced for you.  This would work if you could not get the
from with a colon "From: " to be what you wanted.

Personally I would ignore the envelope sender and not worry that it is
something different.  The system is working correctly.  Only broken
mailers will reply to that address.  If it really bothers you then
search out the exim translation solution.


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