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Manually starting X

I have installed a basic X system (Woody stable).
When the system boots, the gui login window comes up.
When the window manager (twm) is shutdown,
the screen goes black and the login window does not reappear.

To get back into X I have to open a terminal console, login as root,
and reboot the machine. Needless to say, this isn't convenient.
As a workaround, I'm wondering how to change the init procedure
so that X does not start (I tried removing the S99Xdm script in
/etc/rc2.d; that did prevent X from starting but running startx
had problems; I'm guessing parts of S99Xdm script
must be run).

Any suggestions on the proper way to setup the box
so that it doesn't auto-start X?  Even better would be
a suggestion for getting the gui login window back; however,
I suspect that that is related to the problem I with not
being able to reconnect to X via Alt-F7.


Joe Riel

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