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Re: Woody Installation Problem

>apt-get install dpkg-multicd  
>(I think this should be in the dselect tutorial section of the debian install 
>manual but it isn't - I'll submit a bug report to install-doc unless someone 
>knows why I shouldn't)
>Then you will have access to the multicd method in dselect.  There are 
>instructions for using it in the debian installation manual -> Advanced 
>Package Selection with dselect -> dselect tutorial:
>You can also add multiple cd's to your sources with apt-cdrom.
>Just put a cd in and type "apt-cdrom add", or "apt-cdrom -cdrom /mountpoint 
>add" if it can't find your cd.  "man apt-cdrom" for more info.  Then you 
>could use 
>	apt-get remove packagename and 
>	apt-get install packagename 
>to re-install packages.

I tried the first approach, running dselect and chosing multicd, after
first installing dpkg-multicd. It was not at all clear what to do after that.
implies that using multicd access is a bit tricky; that is correct.
I never got it to work. So I changed the access method to apt---
previously I had assumed that that was only for downloads from
a web site---and things proceeded much smoother. dselect would now
query for the proper CD when it needed to install a selected package.


Joe Riel

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