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Re: Building DEB from Source Package

Robert James Kaes <rjkaes@flarenet.com> [2002-11-06 11:57:11 -0500]:
> Hopefully this will be a quick question: is it possible to build a woody
> debian package on a "testing" machine?  My server is at woody, but I don't
> really want to build packages on a production machine.

Because of the words used I wanted to clarify.  You can build a stable
package on a testing machine.  But you probably won't be able to
install the package built on the testing machine back on a stable
machine.  The new package built on testing will depend upon newer
libraries and the dependencies will probably not be met on your stable

I say probably and hedge because if the item were only a shell script
then there would be no problem.  But if it is a C program then it
depends upon the install shared libraries and it would not be able to
install unless the newer shared library were also installed.

But you can also install a stable package directly on testing.  The
dependencies work the right way when moving in that direction.  Which
leads me to believe you are trying to do the other way which will lead
to trouble.

But to answer your question, I have had good luck rebuilding packages
using this technique.

  mkdir -p src/debian
  cd src/debian
  apt-get install fakeroot
  apt-get build-dep packagename
  fakeroot apt-get -b source packagename

That retrieves the source and rebuilds it on the local machine using
the libraries installed on the local machine which then become the
dependencies for it.


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