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dockable apps for icewm?


I have been using Icewm with a nice and lean theme for quite a while
now and find it very nice.  However, I have been unable to find any
applications that would dock in the taskbar (except for the network,
mail, and APM monitors that come with it).  There seem to be tons of
applets out there for Gnome, Windowmaker, or KDE, but none for
Icewm. :-(

The things I would really like to have are:

        - ICQ (possibly a licq frontend)
        - an ACPI monitor
        - a keymap selector

Does anybody know of such applets?

If those do not exist, it might be easy to adapt existing applets to
make them icewm-compatible.  Does anybody have any experience with
icewm-programming and could point me to some documentation on this (I
will be looking for it myself but haven't got around to do so yet).


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