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Re: eth1 module does not exist

Jim Bowering said:
> I recently installed Libranet (2.0) with the satisfaction of returning to
> Debian.  I was impressed with the way it set up networking on my ne2k-pci
> adaptor.  The problem is, i can't apply the ne driver to my ISA nic
> because  there doesn't seem to be an eth1 device.
> I've searched the list but haven't been able to find out how I create
> eth1.

the eth1 "device" is created automatically once the driver is
succesfully loaded. ISA NICs sometimes require options to be passed
to the driver, like modprobe ne irq=6,io=0x1234 etc. it's been a few
years since i've had the displeasure of playing with an ISA nic ..

if libranet is still installed you can probably get the config it uses
and copy it over to debian, I would check /etc/lilo.conf and /etc/modules*
and/or grep /etc for the module that your using


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