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Re: lynx, ncurses, gpm

Glyn Kennington <glyn.kennington@hertford.oxford.ac.uk> wrote:

GK> Has anyone else managed to get ncurses' gpm support to work with lynx?  That
GK> is, proper mouse support for lynx navigation, not just gpm copy-and-paste.
GK> I know that the default libncurses5 package doesn't come with gpm support,
GK> but even after recompiling it --with-gpm, lynx won't behave as I'd expect

I think you may need to recompile Lynx against the new
gpm-enabled version of ncurses as well and then put this in
your lynx.cfg: USE_MOUSE:TRUE

It's been a while since I came upon this issue and I'd like you
to please report back if it works.



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