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Re: Shared Calendars with Linux

By the way, we've installed something call Web Calendar, which might be what you're looking for. You can find it at: http://www.ma.utexas.edu/~mzou/webCal/index.html


Mikael Jirari wrote:

Thank you Alvin,

Yes I have installed xminian on one workstation today and it looks really good. But actually i'm looking for a shared calendars software thaqt lives on one main server so all the users (mostly ms workstations) could access this one. I have apache on that machine so why not use a web interface shared calendar...

Same for the mails, I'd need to check for viruses before letting the users take their mails, since they are running windows i guess i'd need an efficient antivirus. Spam is very anoying but it's not the first class priority at the moment.

I'm checking these links right now


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hi ya mikael

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Mikael Jirari wrote:

> Does anyone have already implemented shared calendars on a linux box ?
> Do anyone knows packages that could correspond to this functionality ?

xaminian comes to my cloudy mind..

> For mails antivirus should I consider a commercial product or a free
> product ? are free product the same (or almost) as the commercial ones
> ?

free is better ...
        - you get to ask lots o people the same qustions and get
        lots o answers ( for free )

        - commercical producs... you get to ask one tech support
        person for their answer... and who knows when you will
        the the answer... sometimes right... sometimes not the
        right answer

spam is biggger problem in terms of occurances  than virii
but virus is a bigger problem when it bites/hits ya

which do you wanna do first

anti-spam -- mta specific features


c ya

> ps : I'll try pptp later because it seems quite complicated

much simpler than the antivirus/antispam problems...

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