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Re: OT: e-mail question


Thanks for the reply. I just checked out Courier's site and it looks like it
does what I want.
I hadn't heard of it until now. I currently use Postfix as an MTA.


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: Rodney Green wrote:
: > Example:
: >
: > webmaster@domain.com
: >
: > If the accounts are dependent on a system user account there can only be
: > webmaster account. Of course, an alias
: > can be setup that points webmaster@seconddomain.com to a different local
: > system user like webmaster2. With some
: > e-mail systems I've seen (Windows based) the full e-mail address is used
: > the account name instead of a system user
: > account. So, in the client the pop3 user would be setup as
: > webmaster@domain.com instead of just webmaster. Get
: > what I'm saying? :-)
: >
: You have to remember that there's at least 3 places where that address
: can apply, and they're all independent systems: POP3 or IMAP
: authentication (POP3/IMAP server), return or sender address (mail
: client), and inbound routing (SMTP server, like exim).
: I say that because I detect a little confusion on that point in your
: posting.  Or maybe you're just being brief.  :-)
: That said, sticking point is probably non-Unix POP3/IMAP authentication,
: and Cyrus can apparently do this using Kerberos, and Courier can do it
: with a variety of mechanisms.
: I'd look at Courier, if it were I.  :-)
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