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Re: OT: e-mail question



If the accounts are dependent on a system user account there can only be one
webmaster account. Of course, an alias
can be setup that points webmaster@seconddomain.com to a different local
system user like webmaster2. With some
e-mail systems I've seen (Windows based) the full e-mail address is used as
the account name instead of a system user
account. So, in the client the pop3 user would be setup as
webmaster@domain.com instead of just webmaster. Get
what I'm saying? :-)


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Subject: Re: OT: e-mail question

: High,
: On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Rodney Green wrote:
: > Hello! Does anyone know of a mail server package that allows user
: > accounts to be the same as the e-mail address? So, user@domain.com would
: > both be the e-mail address and the username to download mail.
: >
: > Thanks, Rod
: erm, sorry if I misunderstand the question, but isn't that the standard?
: If I log in on the console as 'user' with 'mypass', the default is that
: someone can send mail to user@domain.com (if the mailserver allows it,
: that is) and when installing a simple pop3 client, it is the same story.
: What am I missing here?
: Greetz,
: Sebastiaan
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:   *real* 32-bit system.

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