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Re: Knoppix & DemoLinux

on Wed, Oct 16, 2002, Andy Saxena (andyML@nyc.rr.com) wrote:


> Windows advocates complain that there's no innovation coming out of
> Linux. When they can manage to run their OS on a  CD, I'll believe them
> :-}.

Actually, there *is* a boot-from-disk mode for MS Legacy MS Windows, but
it's a licensing nightmare and is effectively only available to OEMs.
Called the Legacy MS Windows Preinstallation Environment:


As is often (and increasingly) the case with Microsoft, licensing and
revenue concerns are obstructing technical capabilities.  This now
directly in the face of superior, freely available alternatives closely
associated with the word "GNU/Linux".

I also note that there appears to be a marketing push behind the tool
currently as I'm picking up several current articles regarding it, as
current as today (19 Oct 2002).


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