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Re: Knoppix & DemoLinux

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 03:51:44PM -0700, Jeff wrote:
> "the heathen", I love it!
> I must say that I've done quite a few demo's with Knoppix when folks
> pop in and ask, "Hey, what are you using there?".  I also get
> questions when I pull my laptop out of my bag, open the lid and start
> typing within a few seconds.
> And, my "magic box" has proven successful in far more situations for
> me than for my MS-toting peers.

Heh! I was visiting some relatives last weekend, and I had a chance to
show off my "ultra portable" OS on a CD. It took a while to explain,
that, yes, the entire OS fits on the CD; that, yes, I can open Word
documents; that, yes, I can write Word documents; that, yes, I could
browse the internet without having to meddle with any settings; that,
yes, I hadn't even touched the installed XP OS.

Okay, so, perhaps, I should've pointed out that Linux runs on a dozen
hardware architectures and a dozen filesystems! Hey, I was just trying
not to be a show-off.

I am not a Linux admin nor do I develop applications; I work with
Windows machines at work, and I get giddy every time I am working on
Debian. The machine on which I ran Knoppix was a 300 MHz laptop with 192
MB of RAM.  It had a fresh installation of XP. Since these folks were
going out for the evening, they wanted to print out a map from Yahoo.
Unfortunately, the spanking new XP didn't have a driver for the HP Photo
1215. I had to reboot into KNOPPIX and rescue the situation. For once,
Debian had beaten Windows hands down.

Windows advocates complain that there's no innovation coming out of
Linux. When they can manage to run their OS on a  CD, I'll believe them

> Spreading the Word,

Amen to that.


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