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Re: CD Writing [was: Re: The Real Problem With Debian]

-- Donald R. Spoon <dspoon@astcomm.net> wrote
(on Sunday, 13 October 2002, 03:38 PM -0500):
> David P James wrote:
> >I'm wondering why my modules.conf that I had to edit keeps reverting 
> >back to the previous version every time I reboot
> The /etc/modules.conf file is auto-generated by the "update-modules" 
> command from the contents of the /etc/modutils/ directory.  This is 
> well-documented at the top of the modules.conf file and in "man 
> update-moudules".  
> If you want your changes to be permanant, you should should not modify 
> /etc/modules.conf directly.  You should use one of the other tools like 
> the "modconf' command or insert the proper changes in the /etc/modutils/ 
> directory then use update-modules to make them permanent.
> I have also found that inserting the needed modules in /etc/modules 
> works quite well too in most cases, and is a bit simpler to implement 
> for me.

Unless I'm passing options to a module, I *always* simply add it to the
/etc/modules file -- and I've never had a problem.

This is unintuitive if you're migrating from other distributions (Slack
comes to mind) where you edit modules.conf by hand -- but I think you'll
find Debian's handling of kernel modules is much easier to manage -- as
long as you follow the Debian Way(tm).

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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