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CD Writing [was: Re: The Real Problem With Debian]

Jamin W.Collins wrote:
On Sat, 12 Oct 2002 17:20:10 -0300
Klaus Imgrund <claus.imgrund@terra.com.br> wrote:

but the doc's there are as outdated as my grandma - and she was put to
rest a while ago. Don't get me wrong - I like linux a lot but the doc's
suck sometimes.

You know, if you find a problem with the documents you're more than
welcome to submit updates to the author(s).  If that doesn't work, you are
also welcome to update them yourself.

I had a problem one time with a cd-burner.
Now - the site you mention tells you a lot of stuff that is about:
-3 years outdated and
-totally incomprehensible

Really?  Lets see, cd-burner you say, that would be:

Looks like the page was updated a little over two years ago according to
   v2.9.3, 23 July 2000

I remember using this document (possibly even same version, let me check
my print out, nope v2.8.8) to learn about CD writing in Linux.  Had
everything I needed.

I'm wondering why my modules.conf that I had to edit keeps reverting back to the previous version every time I reboot; it is really kind of frustrating. It means that every time I reboot I have to mess around and reload the ide-scsi module as well as having to load the module for my soundcard (if I forget to do the latter all manner of nastiness happens when KDE starts up). It also sends up a flurry of warnings that my "modules.conf is newer than modules.dep" [I'm thinking - so what if it is?].

--David [using Knoppix on an otherwise Windows computer right now]

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