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Re: Unable to use network card with 2.4.19

Darryl L. Pierce, 2002-Oct-09 17:52 -0400:
> On 2002.10.09 16:33 Jeff wrote:
> >> You still need CONFIG_FILTER for the socket support, and
> >> CONFIG_PACKET, for the client to work.
> >
> >Darryl,
> >
> >I'm replying to this message since I inadvertantly deleted your
> >response asking where to set these config attributes.
> >
> >I don't recall for sure that you self-compiled the 2.4.19 kernel, so
> >I'll assume so.  Using "make menuconfig|xconfig", these attributes are
> >under "Networking options", and then "Packet socket" and "Socket
> >Filtering".  If you simply modify /usr/src/linux/.config then change
> >CONFIG_PACKET=m/y and CONFIG_SOCKET=m/y.  I prefer to put them into
> >the kernel, answering "y" to each.
> AH! I'm not building my own kernel, instead using the kernel-image 
> package and the associated PCMCIA package. I'm hoping not to have to 
> build a kernel if I can help it. ;)

Okay...hmmm...I'm not familiar with the kernel-image's, but I have to
assume that socket is in there.  Check by searching the
/boot/config-2.4.19 file.  It might be a module (CONFIG_SOCKET=m)
which would put the module somewhere in /lib/modules/2.4.19-?.  I
don't know what the module would be called to insmod it.  Probably
something like socket.o or the like.  


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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