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Re: Unable to use network card with 2.4.19

On 2002.10.09 12:54 Marcelo Ramos wrote:
El(On) Tue, 8 Oct 2002 09:59:35 -0400
"Darryl L. Pierce" <mcpierce@telocity.com> escribió(wrote):

> I've had on again/off again problems with my laptop and the
> kernel. I boot my laptop with the card (both a D-Link 660 and a 3Com

> EtherLink III) inserted and the system sometimes comes up and
> doesn't (I'm using DHCP). But, if I reboot my system and load the
> 2.2.19 kernel, the network comes up immediately, no problem.
> Any ideas? This same system works beautifully at home where I use a
> D-Link DWL-650 wireless card. It comes up at home no problem.

Have your 2.4.X kernels got the CONFIG_PACKET (Packet socket) and
(Socket Filtering) enabled ?

The dhcpd README stats that those options are necessary.

I'm not running a DHCP server. I'm using pump to configure my NIC via DHCP. And, this problem *never* existed before I installed the 2.4.19 kernel.

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