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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

On  0, Klaus Imgrund <claus.imgrund@terra.com.br> wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Oct 2002 17:06:04 -0500
> Alex Malinovich <demonbane@the-love-shack.net> wrote:
> > Unfortunately, I think that MS could make a justifiable claim that
> > they are losing money. X-Boxen are sold below cost for maximum market
> > pentration. The idea being that those costs and more will be recouped
> > through game sales. If the systems in question are not being used to
> > run games, and if no games are purchased for them, this would cause a
> > loss to MS. A judge who's more concerned about business than plain old
> > right and wrong (and those are too common for my liking) would
> > probably rule in MS's favor. But, much like everyone else who has
> > replied on this thread, IANAL.
> > 
> > -Alex
> > 
> Let me see if I got that right,
> I sell you 100.- bucks for 80.- then I sue you if you don't buy any
> other of my products that make up for my loss - all I got to do after
> that is to find some judge and attorney that are willing to take up the
> case? If that is really the case now in the U.S. something is slightly
> more than screwed up. If somebody sells a product below cost it
> shouldn't be the responsibility of the justice system and finally the
> taxpayer to secure that there are no losses. If somebody sells a product
> that is not secure - same story. If somebody leaves his car unlocked
> with the keys in the ignition and the thing gets stolen nobody is going
> to pay for it. Why are there other rules for M$ ???

IANAL but this sort of thing is certainly disallowed in Australia by
the Trade Practices Act.  It falls under the definition of
'preferential selling' or something of that sort.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

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