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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

On Thu, 03 Oct 2002 12:48:40 -0700
"deFreese, Barry" <Barry.deFreese@nike.com> wrote:

> >That should be interesting!
> >If that thing ever gets put together and M$ thinks it is illegal I
> >would love to see a court battle over that in an european court. Who
> >in the hell are those people that think they can tell me I can't
> >construct a marslander out of a ford taurus? Or use a piece of
> >hardware I bought and paid for to what I want it to do? This is
> >ridiculous.
> >Prost,
> >Klaus 
> Well, in the U.S., it would probably be the same type of people who
> tell me I can't paint my house any damn color I want!!
> (I.E. Housing Associations) Bastards!!! :-)
Thats one of the reasons why I live in Brasil now.
Colored houses!!! Beer on Sundays on the beach.Free software and
everything else! At least for about 10 more years

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