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RE: OT: mass installation on XBox

>That should be interesting!
>If that thing ever gets put together and M$ thinks it is illegal I would
>love to see a court battle over that in an european court. Who in the
>hell are those people that think they can tell me I can't construct a
>marslander out of a ford taurus? Or use a piece of hardware I bought and
>paid for to what I want it to do? This is ridiculous.



Well, in the U.S., it would probably be the same type of people who tell me
I can't paint my house any damn color I want!!

(I.E. Housing Associations) Bastards!!! :-)

Barry deFreese
NTS Technology Services Manager
Nike Team Sports

"Technology doesn't make you less stupid; it just makes you stupid faster."
Jerry Gregoire - Former CIO at Dell

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