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Re: Debian on SunBlade 100? Forget about it.....

I really should know better than to reply to this sort of stuff. 


Quick!  before I change my mind!

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 12:48:58PM -0700, Marlon Ott wrote:
> What a deal... $3800 for a brand new SunBlade 100 with
> all the bells and whistles. Actually came loaded with
> Solaris 8(!) -> Had to argue with SUN for a month to
> get a stinkin "9" CD (Gosh thanks McNealy, hope the
> 3800.00 covers your CD costs). Entire day spent just
> loading Solaris 9... looks better, but is just as
> "useless" (UNIX with a GUI -zzzzzzzz), and the piece
> of junk reboots on its own now.
> Let's see, Linux is so very hot - who makes it for
> SPARC? Out of hundreds of distro's - Only Debian
> (thank you)... I actually sent money for the disk set
> and waited three weeks. It's always good to support
> development, yes?
> Well folks.... too bad I cannot load Debian. From the
> support site's "SunBlade 100" string it appears that I
> should remove my video card (ROTFLMAO), and type
> mystical undocumented commands at the SILO prompt
> while praying.

And the errors were ??

I cannot find any postings by you. Perhaps you posted the errors under a
different name?  After all, you wouldn't be upset about the lack of
support without asking first, would you?

> Outcome? The new CD's are in the trash, the nice $$$
> SUN monitor is now hooked to my reliable W2K Adv
> Server box, and the SunBlade is great for holding up
> the monitor.
> Sorry Linux geeks... I give up.
> Guess my job? Yup, UNIX sysadmin
> UNIX for Services
> Windows for Productivity
> Linux for Geeks

Beware, the 'Troll' label is difficult to get rid of.

Karl E. Jørgensen
==== Today's fortune:
Elliptic paraboloids for sale.

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