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Re: Are the experimental GNOME2 debs any good?

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Juranich <sjuranic@ssli-mail.ee.washington.edu> writes:

Steve> I'm getting tired of gnome-terminal and the other odd apps that
Steve> depend on the libgnome2 being so mind-numbingly slow.  So I'm
Steve> really getting serious thoughts about snagging those
Steve> "experimental" GNOME2 debs.  I've never put anything but
Steve> 'official' debs on my machine (I usually just build from source
Steve> if I want to use one of the 8 packages Debian doesn't package for
Steve> me).

From what I can tell, there isn't much of an overlap between the Gnome2
packages from experimental, and the ones in unstable.  So the packages
that you have in unstable probably won't be upgraded if you add
experimental. (e.g. there's no libgnome2 in experimental.)

The only Gnome2 things in experimental right now are the programs
(e.g. panel, games, media, gnome-session, applets, gnumeric) and a few
libraries that those programs require.

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