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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Ron Johnson said:

> What are you talking about???  How about not using Windows because using
> Windows, Office, WMP, etc, puts money into the pocket of a
> blatant, unrepentant criminal organization?

don't forget vendor lock-in, hell I've read reports that even different
versions of MS's office suite are not 100% compadible, thats just sad.

and don't forget DRM, I gave a brief overview of what MS and the entertainment
industry are trying to accomplish(e.g. preventing files from being copied,
controlling how long you can keep media, how many times you can play it etc)
and mentioned that they are doing it in such a way that the average consumer
doesn't have any idea until it's too late. He was blown away. It really scares
the hell out of me what MS is doing, makes me very glad I jumped ship 5-6
years ago. I remember in the mid 90s hearing about what the entertainment
industry would try to do, but didn't believe it.

DRM is what scares me the most about MS, they already take away so many
rights from the OS(e.g. can't use task manager to kill a service(last I
checked), can't delete files that are in use, can't force a driver to
attempt to load, and other things which makes the OS think it's smarter
then the user. The user should have the right to trash their system if
they want, even if this feature is undocumented/obscure to enable).

Being only 25 I was too young to remember(or maybe I wasn't around)
the legal stuff that went on after video tapes came out so maybe I
am overreacting and the industry will do the right thing(tm) to preserve


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