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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

On 1 Oct 2002 at 21:36, Rick wrote:

> The Real Problem With Debian is that it is MANUAL.

I agree. Software shouldn't ask user about program's own problems. It
should ask about user's preferences and goals. All technical stuff should
be done by application because it's application's responsibility. If there
is no way to do it automatically, software should at least *test* whether
information entered by user is correct. The problem with Debian is that
it's a collection of programs written by thousands of developers. Debian
simply inherits their problems. Fixing these programs one by one is much
better idea than developing some patch-all "configuration tool".

My latest experience with such lean program is samba. I wanted to
export a share. Ideally one should just select a directory and
confirm some options. After doing everything I was asked to do, well, it
didn't work. And samba didn't tell me why. It pretended everything is OK.
After messing up for an hour a gave up and configured FTP instead. FTP, in
contrast, worked fine at first shot.

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