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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Rick wrote:
> This will be my last post to the Debian users list.  I want to thank everybody
> for all their help, and patience.  However I would like to say a little
> something as well:
> Debian is supposedly a great OS, it is configurable, custimizable, and
> powerful, but Debian is ultimately misleading for many people.  Debian is an
> OS that may be used on a server, or a developer's computer, so he can really
> feel the balls in his system, but it should not have been used on my
> computer, or a couple of my friend's computers...

I gave up on linux (mandrake) a couple of years ago because of configuration
and usage problems, but i tried debian now just to try something different.

I found the main turn-off is trying to much at once. You probably *need*
your pc for work, but you can't do anything if you can't configure it,
or even get on the net.

The best way (and it helps the environment) is to get a second cheapy
pc that would normally be dumped and try debian on it. That way, you
can surf the net for how-tos and do all the usual things with the windows
pc, while you get the debian pc working over say 6 months. With samba
working, i can browse and print debian files from MS explorer. When
you've mastered all the debian problems, you can ditch windows if you
need to. With two debian PCs, one can be a backup if you break the
other. Start off simple. Just get console apps working first, then
install x-windows a step at a time, then install a window manager
like fvwm (its config takes a bit of learning), then start installing
x-apps. After all that, then work on getting printers, sound, and
email working.

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