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Re: Text console flicker during kernel load

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 05:56, Robert Ian Smit wrote:
> * Neal Pollock <npollock@rogers.com> [02-10-2002 06:35]:
> > I've convinced my brother to try Debian and just set it up on his PC.
> > Unfortunately, from the time that lilo passes control onto the kernel until
> > the display manager login appears, the screen flickers on and off
> > continuously.  It stays on for about 1/3 of sec and then goes off for a 1/3
> > of a sec.  The video adapter is an ATI RagePro 3D AGP 1/2x.
> If you are able to compile a kernel, make one without framebuffer
> support for the console.
> Otherwise you'll have to look again at what options you are passing
> to the kernel.
> On a related note, why use framebuffer at all? It's always the first
> thing I unset, in case I forget later on. Am I missing something?
> (besides tux in the boot screen).

I use framebuffer, partly because I have the Sun 12x22 font as my
default console font (I've never liked the standard IBM font, from the
days of the original Monochrome Text Adaptor, and the Sun font is just
so sharp and legible). I also find that X11 runs apparently better with
framebuffer than the card architecture specific X server (ATI Rage -
just the *feel* seems better.) I also have a tv tuner card in this box,
and the ability to run framebuffer versions of various graphics
presentation programs (fbgs for GhostScript, fbi image viewer, fbtv
video viewer, the framebuffer support in mplayer) makes it nice to not
have to launch an additional X server when I am logged on to a virtual
console to an account on this box (it already has two X servers running,
one usually logged into my work account, and the other often logged into
my personal account.)

Is it an awe-inspiring, life-giving, absolutely essential extension of
Linux? No, but it has some good strengths that make the system more
useful for me, with less of a memory hit, and no discernable speed cost
(it *seems* to be a tad faster with X11, to me.)
> Bob
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